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Boarding Requirements

Requirements for All Boarding Dogs

• Must provide proof of current vaccinations for:
◦ DHPP/DAPP ( 1 or 3 year)
◦ Rabies (1 or 3 year)
◦ 6 Month Bordetella Booster
◦ K-9 Bivalent Influenza (H3N2 & H3N8) Annually

• Must be spayed or neutered (over 7 months old)

• Must be current on flea and tick medication (year long)

• Must complete the full Our Dog House application paperwork

• If participating in Group Play, the dog must pass a Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation prior to boarding (or may be subject to additional fees)

What to Pack/Check-in Requirements

  • Regular dog collar – Any training collars/harnesses will be taken off immediately and stored in their overnight bin.

  • Your dog’s regular food along with any special treats, in prepackaged bags or  seal-able container for each meal. Include any special instructions. *You do not need to bring bowls as we have plenty.

  • Medication with instructions (if applicable). We will complete medication chart while you wait. Can take up to 10 minutes.

  • Bed and/or Blanket for four or more nights only
    Our Dog House is not responsible for any beds or blankets that may be damaged by the dogs during our possession.

  • Favorite Toy(s)
    Our Dog House is not responsible for any toys that may be damaged by the dogs during our possession.


  • Check in during normal business hours. Check out is 12pm on the day of departure. 

  • A $20 fee will apply for dogs picked up after 12pm on the day of departure.

  • Please allow sufficient amount of time for check-in. Sometimes there is a wait.

  • You can drop off dog’s belongings the day before your departure if that is more convenient.