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Ventura Dog Daycare

First time visits must pass our free assessment

A free *Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation will be conducted – Up to 4 hours. This evaluation must be completed prior to your first official daycare playtime. Half day pricing is based on a 5 hour stay or less. If you have more than 5 dogs, please call for pricing.

Collars will be taken off once your dog enters the facility. This includes tracking collars as well. Regular collars and tracking collars can be dangerous in many different situations and we take the dogs safety as our number one priority.

Daycare - 1 Dog

  • Half Day $30
  • Full Day $43
  • 10 Day Package $380

Daycare - 2 Dogs

  • Half Day $30 ea
  • Full Day $40 ea
  • 10 Day Package
    Ask for Pricing

Daycare - 3 Dogs

  • Half Day $30 ea
  • Full Day $38 ea
  • 10 Day Package
    Ask for Pricing

Daycare - 4 Dogs

  • Half Day $30 ea
  • Full Day $36 ea
  • 10 Day Package
    Ask for Pricing

Our daycare is for social dogs to come and socialize under supervised care. While we would love to help train unsocial dogs to slowly acclimate into a group at their own pace. We unfortunately do not have the amount of staff that would be required to give that special visit.

If daycare is something you want to work up to. We highly recommend working with a trainer to get them used to dogs outside of our environment. If they feel it is going successfully, we are happy to have a conversation about the likelihood of us being able to get them into a playgroup.

We offer daycare to non social dogs. They will participate in one on one time and get all the loves and cuddles from staff during their own play time. For daycare it is an additional $5/day or if you are boarding with us it is an additional $20/night.

About Our Assessment

Play Video about our dog house

Vaccination Requirements

Play Video about our dog house

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

  • Your dog gets to socialize with friendly dogs
  • We encourage good play behavior
  • Allows for your pet to release energy to allow you to have a happier/calmer pet at home.
  • Mild separation anxiety dogs can play over at our facility so you don’t have to worry about your house getting chewed up.
  • Your dog will be looked after & will have fun while you are away
  • We make sure our dogs are carefully placed in groups where they play with compatible friends in our indoor and outdoor play areas.

Dog Daycare Requirements

  • Complete Our Dog House application*.
  • *If you have recently rescued or adopted a dog, please call us (805-861-0012) before completing an application to see if they meet our waiting period requirements.
  • Pass a free 4 hour assessment
  • Provide proof of current vaccinations for:
    DHPP/DAPP (1 or 3 year)
  • We do not require the canine influenza h3n2 & h3n8 vaccine. However, we highly recommend all of our visiting dogs to get it. If you decline to get the vaccine you MUST sign our Canine Influenza waiver.
  • Rabies (1 or 3 year)
  • 6 Month Bordetella Booster
  • Must be current on flea and tick medication (year long)
  • Your dog must be spayed or neutered if they are 7 months or older
  • We do not take pups over the age of 12.**

    **We do not take pups over the age of 12: We have this policy in place due to the environment in the facility. We are faced paced, and everything is a solid routine. The dogs are mentally and physically stimulated. They are placed in their playgroup for the day and play inside and outside from 7 am to 7pm. We have found that our senior dogs do not thrive in this environment. They tend to burn more energy than they are used to, which sometimes negatively affects them. We do not want to put your pup in a position where they could overwork themselves to the point of lethargy or worse. We appreciate your understanding in helping keep all of the dogs happy, safe, and healthy at our facility.

Our Location

2568 Channel Dr., Ste. A Ventura CA 93003
(805) 861-0012

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri – 7AM – 7PM
Saturday 9AM – 4PM
Sunday 9AM – 5PM
Holiday Hours

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