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We offer Grooming at our Perfectly Pawsh Salon

Whether your dog just needs a simple brush out, nail trim or the full spa special, our groomers will spruce up your pup!

Thank you for choosing Our Dog House for your grooming services. Our groomer is available on select days. Please ask one of our staff for our next available appointment.

our dog house

The Standard

Bath, Nails, Teeth, Ears $50 – $80 (Short Hair Breeds)

The Fluff and Trim

Bath + Face/Feet/Sani + Nails + Ears $55-$85

The Fluff and Cut

Bath + Coat Cut + Nails + Ears $60-$90

The Works

Bath, Coat Cut, Nails, Teeth, Ears $80-$100

Pawsh Wash

A. Shampoo/Conditioner + Blow Dry $30 – $50 (Depending on Size)
B. Pawsh Wash A + Nail Trim $38
C. Pawsh Wash A + Ears + Teeth $46
D. Coat Care (Pawsh Wash A + Deshed) $50

our dog house

A La Carte

  • Nail Trim (Rounded with Dremel) $15
  • Nail Trim (Clippers) $12
  • Ear Cleaning $10
  • Teeth Brushing $10
  • Brush Out $10 (Per 10 Min)
  • Deshedding $20 (Shampoo + Brush Out)
  • Sani/Face/Feet Trim (No Bath) $35
  • Anal Gland Expression $12
  • Flea Dip (Add on Bath) $15
  • Nail Painting $10
  • Clay Mask

Requirements for All Pet Spa Dogs

Must provide proof of current vaccinations for: